Do What You Love

I’m going to start taking advice from mugs. Not all advice… I’ll pick and choose. But there are some great mugs out there that offer some much needed advice. First one, Do What You Love (or ‘heart’ as the mug suggests, but I think I know what it means!). I bought this mug for a friend this past summer and was sad I didn’t grab one for myself before it sold out. Well, today must have been my lucky day as I unpacked another box of them at work this morning and just had to have it. So mine it became!

I’ve decided to give blogging another go. I’ve tried and failed a few times, but this will be the year! The problem is I end up thinking too much about what I want to write, how often I write or wanting to make it perfect, or keep with a particular ‘theme,’ but the truth is, I just need to write and write about my life. This could including crafting, movies, my family/boys, fitness and mental health. Pretty much anything and everything!

Everything about the page is a work in progress right now and I like that. I’ll get more on it. Photos of my life, my creations (kids and crafts) and ideally I’d like to work on a few sewing tutorials to add to the page too.

2016 is going to be a great year! Full of new things and a lot of the same old same! Hope you tag along too!


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