A Glimpse Into the Fall

Henry loves sleeping over at his grandparents. It’s probably his favourite day of the week. He gets away from the dogs, doesn’t have to share his toys, and gets all the attention. Loves it! He doesn’t go every week, but every chance they can take him, he heads over for a fun filled few days.

Henry has been sleeping over since he was about 14 months old. When I was pregnant with Jayne it was such a nice break. I could catch up on sleep, housework, sewing. Pretty much everything. When Jayne was born it was an amazing break but in a completely different way. It allowed me to sleep/rest a little more and bond with my new little guy. Now, Jayne has never been much of a sleeper. Naps and nighttime have always been inconsistent so even when Henry would go for a sleepover it was never a guarantee that I would get a break with Jayne sleeping. Until recently!

At almost 19 months old Jayne is starting to have really consistent naps **knocks on every single piece of wood around me**. The last two weeks have been absolutely glorious. I don’t even think I really noticed last week that I got a little bit of quiet me time in the afternoon all to myself without noise. But this week I felt it. And it was lovely.

I managed to get my workout in while Jayne was eating lunch so when he napped, I did nothing. Nothing! I sat on my butt and watched episodes of The Office and drank tea. Glorious! I could feel the stress melting away and it showed me a small glimpse into what the fall may bring with Henry in school. Jayne and I ran a few errands in the morning, came home, workout and lunch then a nap. He ended up waking up right before Henry got home (which would be around the time he will be getting home from school come September). Since I work from home, not everyday could be spent on the couch drinking tea and watching TV, but some could. Some definitely will. And the rest can be filled with work and housework which will free up some of my evenings to relax.

It was just a small little glimpse but it gives me hope. Hope for a slightly more relaxed me, a little more time to quickly get things done, to focus on work, to tidy up a bit more in the house and to feel a little more well rounded.

That little bit of extra time to sit back, recharge and be a better person, mother and wife. Glorious. Only 8 months away, but for now I’ll enjoy the random sleepovers that give me that little bit of extra time!

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