My new favourite t-shirt

I love Leslie Knope. Love her. Not Amy Poehler (although I do love Amy, but this is different). I love Leslie Knope. I love her drive, her enthusiasm, her humour, her view on work, friends, family, love, waffles and life. Everything. She wears a horse dress in the third season (Harvest Festival episode) and I have been on the search for the perfect horse fabric ever since as I need to make a horse dress! One day horse dress, one day!).

There is something completely wonderful about the world Leslie Knope lives in, about Pawnee Indiana. Parks and Recreation is smart, funny and above all, it is nice. It found a way to be funny, topical, and heartfelt all with characters who are nice to each other, who love each other and who truly support each other (yes, even Jerry/Gary/Larry). It’s a rare gem of a sitcom where everyone strives to do their best to lift up those around them. Except Eagleton!

Leslie is the friend we all want to have. The friend who fiercely supports our decisions, is there for us and who regularly shuts down the self-doubt we have (“He’ll never lasso another heifer as fine as you, Annie Oakley.”).  She created Galintines day to show love and celebrate the women in her life. Heck yes! This should be celebrated every year. Over brunch. Leslie is never wrong when it comes to food! Leslie is also who I want to be. Someone who is there for friends and family who strives to do amazing things for her community. Who sees through the negative of a situation to the positive (people, work, community… parks!). Someone who is driven and optimistic and maybe just a little bit nuts. All of it, with a twist of me thrown in.

This year I am continuing to focus on finding a balance in my life. Between kids, Dahl, myself, friends, housework, work, fitness, sleep… I could go on, there’s a lot… and I’m continuing to surround myself with positive people who support me in my crazy ideas and crazy workload and who help in ways only they can. This year, I’m trying not to use the term busy. Everyone is busy. Lives are busy, but I’ve chosen this and I’m trying to view things a little different. Instead of busy, I’m looking at it as full. My life can be full at some times, overwhelmingly full, so full I feel like I can’t possibly add another task without breaking, and that’s okay. I have my supports around to help and I’m learning to ask for help (another post on that later… I’ve discovered the best help and exactly what I need!). This is how I’m developing balance. I’m utilizing the people around me. Leslie Knope was a force to be reckoned with, but she had her friends, her family and her love of life (and waffles) to help balance her. And Ben. Nerdy, wonderful, loving Ben.

I think we all could be a little more like Leslie Knope.

“We need to remember what’s important in life: friends, waffles, work. Or waffles, friends work. Doesn’t matter, but work is third.”

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