I’m still here… just tired

I’m not entirely sure where the month of February has gone. I get it, it’s not over yet, but we’re very close to the end. This month has been a blur. A foggy, sleepy blur and I’m trying to muddle my way out before it drags March down with it too.

Jayne has spent the better part of the month trying to break me. Barely sleeping, breaking down whenever I leave the room, constantly needing to touch me. It has been exhausting. Add on a few colds earlier in the month that made their way to me mid-month, a discovery that I really can’t have dairy (even with the aid of lactaid pills) and a missing sew-jo and you have one mess of a month!

I managed to muddle through my lack of sew-jo to get orders done and out the door but I didn’t enjoy them as much as I usually do. Thankfully, sewing up a few bags (including a new pattern) brought me back. It seems I need to remember that usually breaks my funk – a great new pattern. Something challenging and different. The other thing that has helped bring me back has been a fabric buying bender. Yup, it was bad! It’s all still a blur, but one afternoon last week I just went for and clicked and clicked and just kept hitting submit! The fabric started arriving today and it is glorious. To be perfectly honest, I’m not even 100% sure what I ordered, things I’ve been looking /lusting at for awhile now as well as some new pretties that caught my eye. I can’t wait until it’s all here and I can just pet it.

I’m glad to be starting to feel normal again (or at least this new form of normal I’m still getting used to as a parent), and I’m hoping to keep it going through March. Winter is tough. This year has been a tough one. I am looking forward to warmer days, heat, and getting back to running. I miss the feel of my feet hitting the pavement. 3 more weeks and I’ll be getting back into it (but more on that later!).

Now that I’m feeling more like me, I’ll definitely try to post more often… and there will be a February round up coming next week, so that will catch you up on some other things too! I’ve managed to keep up with reading and even with my lack of sew-jo most of the month I’ve still met my sewing goals, as well as other personal ones too! Not too shabby!

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