February Wrap-Up (midway through March)

Well, it’s not exactly the beginning of the month, but I’m finally getting around to my February Wrap-Up post. AND, I promise I am working on posting more often. I have this weird need for all posts to be perfect, well-thought out/planned and something ‘worth’ writing about. Truth is, a lot of stuff I do is worth writing about… at least to me, and if you want to read, awesome! And if not, well maybe you skip that post!
Okay, enough of that, let’s get to the wrap-up! In my last post I talked about the challenges February presented. Sick kids, I was sick, lack of motivation, no sew-jo, learning I couldn’t have dairy… Bleh! Not a fun time! The month did pick up though with a wonderful visit at the end from my sister, her son and my mum!


Yeah…. they’re pretty short!


My sista!
We had a really great visit! Although Tara and her son could only stay a few days, it was still really nice to just relax together. Seriously, one afternoon while the littles were napping the rest of us coloured! It was glorious! My mum then stayed a few days longer and got to spend some time with the kids… and even though Jayne didn’t really want to spend time with ANYONE but me, they all still had a good time!

So what did I read?!


I made my way through 4 books in February – two were the first their series, one fiction and one non-fiction.
I stepped out of my comfort zone a little for Annihilation (Book 1 in the Southern Reach trilogy). It was good. It was short, which was exactly what I needed to get into the story. I’ll pick up book two in the next month or so.
The first book I read this month was Mindy Kaling’s Is Everyone Hanging out Without Me? I really like Mindy Kaling. I loved her in The Office as well as The Mindy Project and I absolutely love that she’s a writer. She’s smart, funny and widely talented and it was definitely a great book. I do sometimes find non-fiction harder to read… if only in the sense that I find less to draw me in (especially in the essay format) so after Mindy Kaling’s book I needed something to draw me in… Hello The Martian! I love the movie and the book is just fantastic! I devoured in in 2 days and would definitely recommend.
I finished off the month with Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. I decided I wanted to revisit and reread the Harry Potter series this year. I’ve been watching the movies on loop while sewing and while I remember most of what they missed, It has definitely made me want to read them again to rediscover the magical world how it was meant to be. What I will say, Harry Potter is a completely different read 12 years later when you’re older and a mother. Still fantastic. Still glorious… still everything… and yes, my heart still swoons for Ronald Weasley!

And finally… sewing!

I made myself work through the orders this month and when they were finished, I made a few things for my mum and sister. I am in LOVE with Swoon Pattern’s Harriet Tote. It is such a beautiful bag – classic look with expandable sides. Gorgeous! I made one for my mum in indigo Essex Linen, fake leather and Amy Butler Violette. It is stunning! I love it! It definitely got my sew-jo back up and running (I’m currently working on another one now – actually, it will be my 2nd since making my mum’s).
To go along with her bag, I made a Sew Sweetness Filigree Double Zip Pouch to match and then made my sister one too in Cotton + Steel’s new Cat Lady line (I’ve been waiting for this since the fall as I knew Tara would love it!).


My mum’s Harriet in Essex Linen and fake leather. Seriously, love this bag!


Mum and Tara’s double zip pouches!

Well… that’s about all I have time for… writing this even took two days with the kids all over me and distracting me the entire time.. sheesh, no wonder I’m finding it hard to write. Well, hopefully that will change and I’ll get to posting more so these monthly round-ups aren’t so long and dry!
Until then!

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