Shopping for Fabric on the East Coast

Sometimes I think it’s a compulsion.  If I’m in a new city, I need to find some local fabric stores. The first thing most people do (I assume) when they arrive in a new city, or plan a trip, is look up local attractions,  maybe some parks, but most definitely, they research local, active things to do. Me? I look for fabric stores.  I love meeting the owners, seeing what kinds of prints they keep in stock, and if they have any of my unicorn prints I can scoop up. This brings me immense pleasure.

I just returned from a trip to Halifax and while I didn’t have full access to a vehicle or a lot of time to explore without kids (it is not easy or relaxing with an almost 2 and almost 4 year old in tow), I managed to find 2 very wonderful, very different stores fabric stores (plus one comic store!).

My dad is a UPS driver and has a route in and around Wolfville. On his route, in what seems to be the middle of nowhere, is the home of Avonport Discount Fabrics. Well, this store was wonderful! Beautifully organized by colour, a great selection and fantastic prices. Seriously, I buy a lot from the states even with our lousy dollar as it’s still a better deal than most Canadian stores and this store had them beat on a lot of their stuff! Best part? There was a small children’s play area in the middle… how perfect is that?! I wish I snapped a photo. Luckily, I managed to explore the shop without the boy’s so the play area wasn’t needed… but it was greatly appreciated nonetheless.
I have a tendency to neglect lining prints. I don’t want to spend a ton of money, and I generally don’t find myself drawn to them so I have to keep reminding myself to buy more. I think I’m getting better. With how amazing their prices were, I made an effort to pick up some lining prints. I ended up with 3 great prints that should work well with a lot of mains I already have.  Because I can never resist cute and nerdy prints, I also picked up flamingo and avengers prints too! I also found a hexie template set so I was pretty darn excited!


My haul from Avonport Discount Fabrics

Over the past few years I’ve been getting  more and more into comics.  Nothing crazy yet,  I’m still really only ready graphic novels and omnibus compilations.  Right now, I’m really into Captain America, so on this trip, I wanted to also check out a local comic shop, and I found a fantastic one!


Conveniently located across from the Maritime Museum, Theodore the Tugboat and the Halifax Harbour, Strange Adventures is a fun little store! Dahl and I both picked up a selection of books (on an amazing sale!) And I also grabbed 3 new pop funko dolls for my sewing room. Not too shabby and the perfect birthday gift to myself!

Strange Adventures Haul

My birthday present to myself!

And finally, my favourite store that I will return to again and again, a beautiful little fabric store called Patch. I didn’t have time to go to it the first day I was in the city, but lucked out when I realized how close it was to my brother’s work and he needed to be dropped off – I gladly volunteered!

Patch is a beautiful, bright store filled with a variety of lovely designer fabrics and patterns. I always love seeing prints in person I’ve been lusting over online as it usually means I’ll snatch them right up!  And I definitely did! I don’t even know how long I stayed chatting to the owner and local sewers who came in to shop or rent machine time (note to self, definitely going to do some sewing there next time! ). Patch felt like my kind of place. Bright, cheery and welcoming.

I picked up a variety of prints – mostly Cotton + Steel and Lizzy House – as well as a few I’ve been wanting for quite some time but never hitting the order button. I am very excited I finally have my blush mermaids and teal pandas!


My pretties!
Discovering new fabric stores is always pure joy for me! I love seeing what they have, how their store is organized and chatting with the people – my people! I can’t wait to sew up my new goodies!

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