My New Favourite Thing

Is it a blanket or scarf?

This! This right here is my new favourite thing (at the moment). Is it a scarf? Is it a blanket? It’s BOTH! And okay, I get that I may be a few years behind the amazing trend of blanket scarves, but I’m caught up now and I’m loving it!

Last winter was not good. I used to love winter. The cold never really bothered me and it was sunny most of the time here and white which made dealing with the awful windchill at least slightly better. Then last winter hit and I don’t know, it was just awful. Talking to a few other friends they felt the same thing – and we all admit it wasn’t even that bad (read: cold) of a winter but there was something about it that was just awful. And I snapped. I no longer like winter. I no longer look forward to the first snowfall or the months and months of feeling cooped up in the house with two little kids because it’s so cold you want to rip the skin right off your body.

And then my friend Kim asked my opinion on which scarf she should order while I was away in August. Obviously Chic was having a buy 1 get 1 free deal and she couldn’t decide. I said get both, and I’d split the cost, I can always find use for another scarf! Oh my goodness… they came in this week and it’s absolute love! It was perfect for the movies last night (Bridget Jones’s Baby – loved it!) and provided a great shield when Bridget was being Bridget and I couldn’t handle the awkwardness. Then doubled nicely as a blanket as I relaxed once home. I can see many wears this fall and winter!

And of course, I went ahead and ordered myself 2 more last night. Yup, the sale is back on… common, you know you want one too!

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