The sound of my snoring dog

It’s not a sound I hear very often during the day, the sound of a snoring dog. That’s not to say my dogs don’t snore. They do. A lot. It’s more that it is never quiet enough around here to hear them with two kids running around, and some kind of background noise (music, singing, sometimes the TV) pretty much all the time. When I sat down at my computer (aka, seat at the dining room table as my office seems to be a dumping ground as opposed to any real workable space), I was taken aback but just how quiet it was… and how much I missed that.

It can be quiet in the evening, once the boys have gone to bed, the dishes are done and laundry is on, but it’s also dark. There is something wonderful and peaceful about a little bit of quietness during the day – with the sun out (although not today as it’s been raining for 8 months straight – not really, but it feels like it), the rest of the day ahead of you and without the tiredness of the day you just had. It’s also Friday… which just makes it that much better.

I know my peaceful morning will end soon. Jayne will come home after lunch and a few short hours after that Henry will be home from school and wanting a snack and to lay down on the couch, telling me he’s tired (we’ve had to wake him up for school 3 days in a row now, this kid is tired!) and my quietness will end. Fights over a ball, or book, or piece of scrap paper will break out and I will count down the minutes until bedtime and the evening quiet begins. But for now, I’m going to enjoy my tea, my work, and the sound of my dog snoring.

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