Everyone is sick, but I can be thankful for a few things…

My kids and husband are sick. And don’t even get my started on my dogs! It feels like everyone in my house is taking some kid of pill, puffer, ointment or eye drops for something this week. Add that on top of the daily pills I, along with my dog Charlie, take and we’re just a pile of fun this week.

So, looking on the bright side of things, I’m going to make a list of things I am thankful for this week when you have two sick kids and a sick husband. These are in no particular order.

1. Tazo Awake Tea. I have it pulsing through my veins daily, but especially over the last week. Seriously, it’s shortly after 10 am and I’m making my second cup (and my cups are massive).
2. Puzzles. Henry has always loved puzzles but his interest always goes in waves. Luckily we’re in the “I love puzzles” and “I can do them by myself” wave. It’s glorious. He’ll sit at the table and do puzzle after puzzle. Love it.
3. Cookies. They’re not the solution to anything, but they’re also not the problem. And they’re delicious.
4. Curious George. My kids have always loved Curious George and this morning I’ve been able to enjoy a hot cup of tea (and onto my second) with thanks to the Curious George Christmas and feature length film.
5. Social Media. Chatting with friends and family near and far has kept me sane the last few days. They’ve answered my questions and kept me connected while I’ve been stuck inside.
6. Apples. Weird, I know. I have a love/hate relationship with them right now. Jayne will help himself to tons of apples throughout the day and it is super frustrating. This kid doesn’t stop eating. Like, never stops eating. And when he’s not eating, he’s running around and on the move. So while I’m frustrated that he’s literally eating half a dozen apples a day, they also make him stop, sit down and chill which is what he needs right now. But seriously, so many apples.
7. Everyone who nominated me for The Walleye’s Best of Thunder Bay 2016. The top nominees was released last night and I made it into three categories (Crafter, IG and Blog). It was so wonderful to see, I swelled with joy! So thank you to everyone who nominated me! You can now vote for your favourites (and me if you’d like!) here.

So there it is. It’s definitely not a complete list of the things I’m thankful for this week, but it’s a general idea right now. Thankfully, my kids seem to be on the mend and next week should *hopefully* get back to normal (whatever that is with a 4 and 2 year old) and I can get back on schedule with work.

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