I’ve got dreams, you know!

Well, let’s call them goals, but I’ve had Tangled stuck in my head so it just seemed fitting.

I’m not really big on New Years Resolutions, but I am big on reviewing the previous year and setting new goals for the year ahead. The goals change, they evolove and they are revisited throughout the year – some of them are scrapped, and new ones added. I think it’s a great time to sit down and focus a little bit on what you want to do and accomplish the year ahead.

In 2016 I made a list of 10 goals. I’m pretty sure I only accomplished 1 or 2, but I made progress on all of them, which is the important part. This year, I set out another 10 goals – some are the same as last year – things I didn’t finish or need to start all over again – and some are brand new. I think it’s a good list and definitely doable as the year progresses.

As I look over my list, I realize they are grouped into a two very distinct categories – fitness, and personal. 2016 was a fantastic year for my business, but my personal life and health definitely suffered. I guess that’s why those two were weighing so heavily on my mind as I set my 2017 goals. While I don’t have any official businss goals on this list, a more balanced and healthy me is going to be much better at growing and evoloving my business throughout the year!

So what are some of the goals?

On the fitness side of things… in January 2015 I took charge of things and started back to working out. Jayne was 6 months and I was tired feeling so run-down and tired all the time. I kept it up consistently until April of last year. I tried for a few months after that to keep going but some bad trips, business opportunities and growing depression made it difficult for me to get back into it. Now, I’m taking the reins again and focusing more on my health. Some of the fitness goals include:

  • Completing 4 rounds of 21 Day Fix Extreme and 2 rounds of Hammer & Chisel (Already 5 days into 1 round of 21 Day Fix Extreme)
  • Go for walks 3 times/week (now, I don’t like the cold. I despise it. So I will start doing treadmill walks instead until it warms up… at least on the super cold days.)
  • Drink LOTS more water. – I’m a week into drinking lots more water and I’m already feeling the differences (and not just that I have to pee all the time). and…
  • Take running back up in the spring. – I miss running. I Really do. I wish it were warmer now so I could start.. but you know, despise the cold.

On the personal side of things… being hit with depression this year has shown me that I really do need to take better care of myself – physically and mentally. I have lived with anxiety for 16 years now and was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis almost 2 years ago so focusing on my health needs to take priority. Eating healthy, exercising and carving out personal time where I can feel like a whole person is important to me and I really let it slide this past year, so it’s time to refocus and start taking care of myself again. Some of the personal goals include:

  • Read 24 books (last year I wanted to read 26. I got through half of that – which is a HUGE increase to my 2015 total of about 2). I definitely think this is doable.
  • Sew 8 personal items/month. Personal items will include things for friends and family, but also just stuff for me too! Last year I participated in a 100 items sewing challenge (100 by year end and 8 every month) and rocked it! It wasn’t difficult given how busy I was with work, but this year the format has changed and all 100 have to be personal (and it’s split up that 50 have to be for yourself!). I really like this new format as it will help focus me to get me sewing for myself, my house and my family.
  • Do 1 new thing with the kids every month. These can be big things or small things, but I think it will help get me out of my routine and get us exploring new things!
  • Do 1 personal thing for myself every month. I think this one is really important. It can be simple things, such as going to the movies (by myself or with a friend), heading out to a coffee shop to grab a latte and read. It will be the little things that will help refresh me. I am not going to include things like grocery shopping by myself or running out for fabric as those are house/business related… but sushi dates?! Heck yes!

I definitely think I have a good set of goals for this year. All achievable and measurable (which is important) and they all roll nicely into each other. The health/fitness goals really work with my personal goals and both my fitness/health goals and personal goals work well with my business plans. The last goal I had for the year was to blog more. It is definitely a bit of personal and work. It will help keep me accountable but also help grow and develop my business… plus keep my brain from going to mush! It’s amazing what 2 kids can do to it!

All in all, I am looking forward to what 2017 has in store for me! Tonight I will be checking off the ‘January Personal Thing’ from the list as I head over to a friend’s house for our yearly viewing of the Golden Globes surrounded by delicious, yet oh-so-bad-for-you, food!

What about you? Any 2017 Goals?

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