Reflections on a new year

I’ve always loved the fresh slate a new year brings – reflecting on the year before as it winds down, daydreaming about goals and plans for the coming year – and the hope January 1st seems to bring. In the past, throughout the month of December I’d think about what I’d want for myself – my personal and professional life, as well as my all-around well-being – then on new years eve I’d make my list. A short list of goals that I can refer back to throughout the year. It’s rare that I ever achieve one completely, but for me it’s always something to work towards, to help better myself and to create a framework for the year to come.

This has not happened for 2018.

Between an unexpected trip over new years eve weekend and a crazy busy/ridiculous January, I have yet to sit down and make a plan for the year. I get it, for most people this doesn’t feel like that big of a deal, but for me, it feels like I’m spinning and I even when I stop for a moment, the dizzy feeling never really goes away. Things just keep happening – work, teaching, work, kids, family, house… everything one after the other when all I want is for a moment to sit down and plan out a few goals for 2018.

I get it, I’m putting a lot of power into a few goals for this year. Thinking that if I can get them written down it will help me focus and feel more organized. Truth is, I really do think it will. I won’t feel like I’m spinning without a purpose at least, without something to work towards. And maybe, just maybe, 2018 will be the year that I can cross a few completely off the list.

So that is my plan for this week. To make those goals. To finally sit down and write them out, to think about what I want to accomplish for myself, for my health, my family and for my business. On the list of goals will definitely be to read and write more, to take the time so get lost in a book, and to spend time writing about what I love, what inspires me and how I’m moving through the world.

I have big plans for 2018 – I truly believe this will be a trans-formative year for myself, for my business and for my family. I plan to spend more time here on the blog, and I truly hope you come along for the ride!

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