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Welcome to 2019 – a few weeks late!

This post has been some time coming! Hello, and welcome to the new Made by Meag Studio Workshop, and improved website! Over the past few weeks I have been playing around behind the scenes trying to get the website updated and more user friendly, and ultimately, add in all the products for direct purchase. Well, it’s updated and more user friendly, but the products will have to wait a little longer. I have also been spending my time getting my new Workshop Studio painted, set up, and schedules made for classes! Needless to say, it has been a busy few weeks!

Truth is, a lot has happened with my little business over the past 12 months and it seems like now I am beginning to play catch up. Thanks to all the wonderful support and encouragement over the past few years I decided in April of last year to make the leap to full-time and I quit my job to focus on Made by Meag – but I needed a bit of a break. After spending May and June getting my physical and mental health back on track, I ventured to Montreal for their Comic Con then spend the summer with the boys and preparing for FanExpo. In September things really took off and I kept *meaning* to make some kind of announcement that I quit my job and was now full-time, but nothing ever seemed right. And, on top of that, I added ThunderCon back into my rotation of shows, as well as Bizarre Bazaar to the Holiday shows, signed the papers for a new workshop space, spent my Christmas Holiday painting, and then before you know it, 2018 was over and now here we are in 2019. So, welcome 2019 and I look forward to all the fun and exciting things I have planned.

The big change for this year is my new workshop space, creatively called Made by Meag Workshop Studio (original, I know!). It is located in a beautiful old building only a few blocks from my house which is absolutely perfect!

Rock Baby Scissors Prints

My Cap Bag!
When I’m not making bags, I love paper piecing!
Janome S7 and my amazing custom prints by Pop Arts Prints
I don’t take photographic direction very well!

I was very fortunate to have a wonderful friend do some professional photos for me in my new space. Matt Goertz did a fantastic job and while I’m not a huge fan of having my picture taken (especially on my own), I had a lot of fun! It was a mad scramble the day of adding some colour into the space – I had just finished the final coat of paint and putting together the table and chairs the night before… but we managed to get it done and, I think anyway, it looks great!

This past Saturday I held an open house at the Studio. It was so wonderful to meet new people, show off the space, and talk about the wonderful workshops coming up. The workshops have been scheduled for January & February and I am excited to get them started. It has been a lot of fun picking the classes, choosing some of my favourite, and most popular, items to make, and to see the wonderful response they have been receiving. While this endeavor is at the same time both exciting and scary, it is good to know I have great people in my corner to encourage and support me along the way.

So, take a peek through the website, check out what is new, and be sure to see what fun workshops are coming up, and hey, if you’re looking for a fun, creative afternoon of sewing, send me a message and sign up for a class!


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