January & February Workshops

January Workshop Calendar

February Workshop Calendar

I am happy to announce the January and February workshops are now open for registration (January has been open for about a week now, but officially now on the website!). Getting the Workshop Studio set up over the Christmas Holidays was honestly, a lot of fun. Sure, it took 3-4 coats of paint and the ceilings are really high so my shoulders got a good workout. And there was a really unfortunate border that covered a very bright orange previous paint job, but it really was fun! In order to get it all done while the boys were on holiday, we lugged our smaller TV over, set it up with our Wii, and they enjoyed some Mario Kart while we painted. It really was a family effort.

Something to keep them entertained!
Paint Paint Paint
1st Coat Done!

It really was a lot of fun getting everything ready for the classes! And it is hard to believe how quickly it really did come together – from the signing to the open house – it really was the blink of an eye!

The Final Result!

I am very excited for the workshops to now begin! When I began planning January, I knew I wanted to keep it basic – focus on some skill building classes in order to give people an introduction to basic bag making and the confidence to dive into some of the more challenging makes. January has 3 classes, two of which will repeat in February as they are more foundation classes. So lets begin by talking about the classes!

Pencil Cases
Beginner Pencil Case

Beginner Pencil Case $45 +HST – January 24, 6-9 pm & February 20, 6-9 pm

This class will teach you how to cut, prepare and interface your fabric to make a simple pouch – skills you can transfer to every other pouch and bag you make.

You will learn how to install a zipper, top-stitch, and turn and close a pouch. The speed of this class is relaxed and perfect for even the most novice sewer.

Even if you only have a basic understanding of your sewing machine, you will leave this class with a pencil case (or two!) made and all the skills needed to make more.

All fabric, interfacing, and zipper supplies needed for this class are included with the cost of registration.

Bag Basics vol. 1
Bag Basics vol. 1

Bag Basics vol. 1 – $68 +HST – January 19, 10-4 pm & February 23, 10-4 pm

In this one day workshop we will make 4 small projects that teach a variety of skills seen in almost every bag and pouch you make.

The primary focus will be on installing zippers and should have you over your zipper fear by the end of the day, bringing home 4 fantastic projects. In this class we will be making:

  • Pencil Case – Made by Meag
  • Wide Open Pouch – Noodlehead (3 sizes to choose from)
  • Retreat Bag – Emmaline Bags (2 sizes to choose from)
  • Clematis Wristlet – Blue Calla Patterns

All hardware needed for the Retreat Bag & Clematis Wristlet are included in the cost and will be provided at the time of class. An interfacing bundle for this workshop is also available for purchase ($20 +HST). You can choose to purchase the required interfacing through Made by Meag, or elsewhere, it really is up to you!

Freesia Foldover

Freesia Foldover Crossbody – $65 +HST – January 26, 10-4 pm

The Freesia Foldover Crossbody bag, pattern by Blue Calla Patterns, is a great introduction to basic bag making skills including installing a zipper, sewing darts, welt and slip pockets, and installing magnetic snaps.

The bag is a beginner bag that teaches a variety of skills necessary to complete more intermediate and challenging bags. Included with this class is the hardware package needed for the bag.

The bag can be done with or without vinyl which makes it a perfect introduction to working with vinyl in bag making.

An interfacing bundle for this bag is available for purchase through Made by Meag for $30 +HST. For inspiration, check out the Freesia Foldover on IG: #bluecallafreesia

Boronia Bowler

Boronia Bowler – $68 +HST – February 2, 10-5 pm

The Boronia Bowler is not only one of my personal favourite bags to own, it’s one of my favourite bags to make, too! The unique design and composition of the bag make it a pleasure to sew!

In this class you will learn how to install slip and welt zipper pockets, and turn a bag through a pocket for a hidden closure. We will also utilize zipper tape by the yard (if desired) and learn how to install zipper pulls to create a double pull.

This bag is intermediate in that it utilizes new design ideas and vinyl is required, however, with the right vinyl, and machine can handle the bulk. We will also be completing the bag in a day start to finish, so it is very important to come with absolutely everything prepped.

Included with this class is the hardware package needed for the bag, and an interfacing bundle for the bag is available for purchase for $30 +HST. The pattern is by Blue Calla Patterns and for inspiration for the bag, check out: #bluecallaboronia

Everyday Tote

Everyday Tote – $68 +HST – February 16, 10-5 pm

This large, but functional, tote really does live up to its name as a fantastic everyday bag. With ample space for your daily needs – and a little extra for the unknown – it works great as a work or travel bag.

The unique front allows for a larger print pattern or panel, and the Everyday Tote can be made with vinyl or cotton accent. In this class you will learn how to install a slip and welt zipper pocket, recessed zipper, as well as boxed corners. We will also be turning the bag through a zippered pocket for an invisible closure.

We will be completing this tote in one day so it is very important to come prepared with all pieces prepped.

Included in this class is the hardware needed to complete the tote, and an interfacing bundle is available to purchase for $27 +HST.

The Everyday Tote pattern is by Bagstock Designs and you can find inspiration for your bag on Instagram #bagstockdesigns

Workshop Space & How to Register

I am very excited about all the upcoming workshops! Each class is unique and there is always something new and fun to learn. The Workshop Studio accommodates 8 students at a time, so be sure to register early to secure your spot. You can register by sending me a message through Facebook, Instagram, or email – all of which can be found on the website’s contact page. You can also find more information about each workshop, and workshops in general, on the Workshops page.

Payment is due at time of registration for all workshops in order to secure your spot. For more information on Workshop Policies, see the Workshops page.

I look forward to seeing all the new and returning sewers at the January & February workshops!


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